Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maternity Photos

I cant believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I am now 33 weeks.. only 7 weeks to go. Crazy!! We are all so excited for little Tayson to get here. Owen talks about all the nice things he will do for him daily. He also loves to ask if we can take him out already. Kyron on the other hand doesn't understand he will be a big brother soon. Every time i ask him where the baby is he points to him self and says "here I am." I love my boys so much and can't wait to have another. Here are a few maternity pictures that a friend took for me. She did amazing!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween fun

I just love Fall! I love the weather, holidays and all the fun activities that come with them. I love to do crafts and get out with the boys so October has been a fun month filled with Halloween activities.

my friend Jamie and I have been pretty crafty ourselves and have been making cute home decor while our boys are busy doing their crafts. here are some of our creations..

Our spooky spider wreaths 

Boo Jars filled with candy

the boys painting their spider

 we went to a really cute pumpkin patch with our friends and my family last week. Owen's favorite part was the horse ride! That boy loves animals! Too bad his parents don't! Kyron had a fun night but was a little nervous riding the rides. he would much rather walk around and play in the dirt.

Growing up my mom always did a cute Halloween party. Now that I have children of my own I get to do it for my family. The boys had so much fun helping me get ready and make all the food. we dressed up, painted pumkins, ate mummy dogs, Jack-o-lantern pizza, spider dip, sugar cookies, and drank magic potion (home made root beer).

Owens pumpkin

Nephi's pumpkin

Kyrons pumpkin. He thought it was more
fun painting his body.

My pumpkin

While the boys were napping one day I decided to surprise them and make a spooky castle out of blankets. Owen had been calling everything spooky because he heard his friend Wyatt call something spooky. Well, as I was making the castle I decided that it wasn't very spooky so it ended being our secret castle. The boys thought it was pretty neat. And im not going to lie... I was pretty proud of it myself. 

Halloween this year was a lot of fun! We went trick or treating with a couple of our really good friends. Each of my friends have two boys that are right around the same age of my boys so they all have so much fun together. My moms neighborhood shuts down a street and has a haunted house, train rides for the kids, cool decorations, lots of yummy candy, free homemade corn dogs, donuts  and the BEST homemade kettle corn. They seriously go all out! This October was a success! I love the holidays especially with my boys!

Owen was spider man, Kyron was Captain American, I was a witch, and Nephi was "Nephi." 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Picnic in the park

The weather is just so perfect right now that the boys and I spend most of our days outside. we have a lot of fun activities that we love to do but one our favorites is having a picnic at the pond. we spend hours walking around looking at all fish, exploring, and throwing pebbles in the pond. I love my sweet little boys so much. They keep life fun and entertaining. I love how easy it is to bring a smile on their face. I am one lucky mama.


Owen loves his toys!

Owen loves his toys!
toys toys toys!

Silly Boy!

Silly Boy!
this is owens new thing! Ha! I have no idea what he is trying to do!

My Boys:)

My Boys:)